Jonny giving his personal experiences was brilliant! It really challenged my preconceptions.

North West Ambulance Service

Catch me on BBC Radio 4's The Male Room talking about Mental Health

Jonny delivered the 1 day course to all our managers and the 2 day to dedicated first aiders. You could hear a pin drop in the room whenever Jonny spoke. It was the first time colleagues have openly shared their own mental health experiences and it has created and environment where others feel safe to do the same.

Emma Fallon

Red Eye International

There was nothing 'anxious' about this fireman during the fantastic delivery of MHFA training to my colleagues at the DLG. The training was delivered effortlessly with patience, great knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend Jonny

Rebecca Betteridge

Direct Line Group

I found the course truly enlightening. I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to meet Jonny who presented the course. 

Carl Hampton

Whittle Programmed Maintenance

Down to earth with lived experience. The ability to engage and empathise with learners made the day both enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you!

Andrea Newton

ABD Consulting

Jonny had an excellent way of explaining the many complexities of mental health and how it effects so many of us in our day to day lives. I learnt loads of great techniques and new ways of communicating. I highly recommend Jonny to many people and corporations.

Priya Chohan Dhariwal

Alpha LSG

Thanks to Jonny for delivering an engaging , informative and deeply honest speech to our staff on mental health awareness. 

Louise Owen

City of Liverpool College

 Jonny was a fantastic presenter. His honesty and courage set the scene for a really fantastic course.I found him authentic knowledgeable and human - couldn’t have picked a better presenter. 

PSS Liverpool

 Jonny was an absolutely amazing trainer. He bought the group together so well, and created a space where we were all comfortable and confident to discuss the topics. I cant praise him enough 

One Manchester Housing Group

Jonny brings a unique and personal insight into MHFA. It means he can explain it properly and make it practical. We got a load of value out of Jonny's work already and he has given us some good ideas to implement.

Darren Scott

Red Eye International

Very informative course, great instructor who made everyone feel at ease considering the topic.